Cape Farewell Horse Treks is known for our top-end horse trekking. However, our lesser-known venture is our Cape Farewell Horse Training.


We have been training, selling and rehoming horses for a long time in order to better the quality of our business. We have now opened our doors to others!


Here is what we can offer:


Whether you are looking for a new horse or want to iron out some wrinkles with your own, we have the facilities and knowledge to try to help you with it.

Our belief is that there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to train a horse. Every horse is individual in mind and body and our approach needs to cater to that. We are constantly learning and adapting just as we hope the horses are too.

Get in contact if you need any of these services
- Starting young horses
- Establishing respect and manners
- Mileage and Fitness
- Float training
- Desensitization
- Basic ground education

We have the luxury to have access to really diverse terrain. Calm estuary, muddy flats, stock filled paddocks, green hills, rocky sandstone cliff tops, steep tricky terrain, west coast wild white sand beach, sand dunes, waves, caves, dense manuka bush…etc. Alongside this, we also have our own arena and round pen. We have our own herd of horses for our trekking business as well. All of this can be utilised for your horse's training.

Standardbrred Rehoming 

We have all different breeds come through here but there is always such a stigma about Standardbred horses. Standardbreds are bred for harness racing where they are trained to ‘trot’ or ‘pace’ at speed. They are often in need of a home after retirement from racing.

We rescue standardbreds, train and rehome them. Over the years we have worked with countless numbers of standardbreds and YES they can canter! They have everything going for them to suit life as stock horses, safe family hacks and some even go on to compete in different disciplines.

If you know of any standardbreds that need a home, get in contact. Or if you are looking for a safe horse to buy, flick us an email to see if we have any available.

If you would like to know more please email  or check our Facebook page and we will get in touch.

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