About Us

Here at Cape Farewell Horse Treks, our main focus is to build inspiration and confidence. We aspire to provide a unique and exciting experience and show people they really can do whatever they put their mind to.


Who we are


Cape Farewell Horse Treks in Golden Bay was brought to life in 1991 and cared for by the same owners until 2014 when James Forbes the current owner took to the reins! Keeping an active role in the running of the business you will see him out there bringing fun to the treks, doing all the farrier work, training horses and running everything behind the scenes. In tranquil Puponga CFHT brings excitement with the most scenic adventure treks in the country.

Our Mission 


Our mission is to make the impossible a reality. For so many people being around horses is a scary prospect. Not being in full control can be nerve-racking. However, given the opportunity it is not only exhilarating and fun it can also be calming and grounding. We want to create a safe place for people to dive outside of their comfort zones and feel that sense of accomplishment when they realize they can do it! On this note, we are proud to be one of the only trekking businesses without a weight limit for customers.

Our Team 


James grew up in the central North Island riding and training horses with his brothers on the farm. While taking over CFHT he learnt how to do the farrier work and continues to keep our horses in immaculate condition whilst also finding time to guide treks! Working alongside James you will see manager Clarissa. Growing up in Golden Bay she would come to Cape Farewell Horse Treks to ride as a child and has now worked here for the last five years and loves every minute! You will see her leading treks, training horses, trying her hand at a little farrier work but most prominently CHATTING to customers. Joining them through the busy summer seasons they have awesome seasonal staff join their team. (Feel free to send through an email if you ever want to join and see if they need workers.)

Our Herd 


Our team is nothing without our horses. Ranging in age, size, colour and PERSONALITY they are the backbone of the business. When you come riding you will see us take the time to match you with a horse we believe will be suited to your personality and ability, so you can form a good partnership on the trek.

Check out our Training tab to find out more about what we can do and offer!

Basic Safety and Manners while Riding

Riding a horse is a physical activity that requires you to use your body so a measure of fitness is required. When you are riding, please be aware that you are working with your horse, you do have to be an active participant. Our guides will teach you
the basics of riding a horse. It is then up to you to practise these skills.



Be sure, to be honest about your experience level as both the horses and the guides will notice what you are and are not capable of doing and we do not want to disappoint by the refusal of a trek for safety concerns. If you are nervous or suffer from a physical disability or illness, please make sure this is made clear to your guide so we can help you in any way necessary.



It is a requirement that you wear one of the helmets that we provide or bring your own. Always wear covered footwear. Follow the guide's instructions they are there to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable experience.



Respect the horses. Talk to your horse as you approach from the side so they are aware of your presence. Horses spook at loud noises or sudden movements be aware of your actions. Take notice of your environment and the horse's behaviour, you will hopefully become confident with his personal characteristics and actions. These are intelligent animals.

Yard Rules 


Children are to be supervised at all times and kept away from the horses until we are ready to help them mount their horse. We have an age limit of 7 years plus as we trek out in all-terrain and require a child to pay attention, keep their feet in the stirrups and fit our saddles. We DO NOT allow babies or toddlers to ride on the same horse as an adult this is a dangerous and preventable risk.

Good riding practise


Horses can be spooked by sudden movements and noises. Being aware of your surroundings as well as your horse is important. We ride through paddocks with sheep/cattle that can pop out from hiding places. The horses will also interact with each other as they are a herd. Riding your horse must be a partnership. Help him to help you. For example secure flapping/lose clothing and

don’t constantly pull on your horse's mouth.

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